In The Spotlight: Mayor Lovely Warren


Mayor Lovely Warren is a Black girl who rocks and everywhere she goes, she brings her Black girl magic with her. She is an attorney, wife, mother, daughter, and a close confidant and friend to many.

Mayor Warren is the granddaughter of sharecroppers who made their way north in search of better economic opportunities, landing in Rochester, New York. It was on Genesee Street, on the front porch of her grandparents house that she was able to see a city filled with great opportunity for all people.

For Mayor Warren life ain’t been no crystal stair, but she’s certainly climbed high! Her journey has led her from the City of Rochester School District to law school to the Rochester City Council to the mayor’s office — she’s now in her second term. (In 2013, at age 36, she became Rochester’s first female mayor in the city’s 200-year history,  its youngest mayor of the modern era, and the second African-American to hold the office.)

Today, in honor of Women’s History Month, we salute this pioneering woman and all the work she is doing for city and its residents. Most importantly, we believe that under her strong leadership, the best is yet to come!

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