Join Us for the 2019 Girl Chat Conference


We are proud to announce the 2019 Girl Chat Conference, which will be held on May 25, 2019, at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, N.Y.

Our conference is a support and networking event that connects and empowers women from different backgrounds, experiences and ages, helping them to realize their full potential as leaders and change the world for the better.

Through our event, we endeavor to:

  • Redefine and rebuild sisterhood relationships
  • Advance educational opportunities for women and girls
  • Assist with leadership development
  • Organize community advocacy
  • Create healthy dialogue that will educate, inform, and inspire

Come join us next spring and reach new heights with the help of an accomplished group of women visionaries, creators, innovators and connectors who are charting a new course to address today’s most pressing issues through the lens of opportunity and global leadership.

Help to breaking barriers to drive progress at the 2019 Girl Chat Conference.

For more information, please visit our conference webpage at, which will be updated as details become available.


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