A Table For One: Some Spiritual Food for Thought

As a sat alone in a restaurant, eating and thinking about The Lord, I was also listening to Bob Marley singing, “Don’t worry…every little thing is gonna be alright.” To my right, a baby is crying, but Bob Marley’s words are still resonating throughout the restaurant. The waitress drops off my food at my table without saying a word, because she noticed that I was bobbing my head to Bob Marley. All the restaurant’s TV’s are all on, but even with all of that all I could hear was “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright!”
Maybe today you’re home all alone with the kids!
Maybe you are sitting at a table with the bills spread out on it wondering how will I pay all of them.
Maybe you loved someone and they walked away and it left you wondering if you would ever love again. Or maybe you received a bad diagnosis from the doctor and can’t help but wonder if God will heal you.
Sitting at that table all alone with activity and chatter going on around me, all I really heard was God speaking. And his reassuring voice cut through all the noise: “Every little thing will be alright.”
No matter how difficult life can be at any given time, always remember that and keep the faith!


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