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The Birth of Project GirlChat

Girlchat Empowers Women Personally and Professionally. Successful women understand the importance of having a mentor, both personally and professionally. Mentors can help you define and reach your goals, offer solutions and invaluable insight, inspire you, and cheer you on to the finish line.

“Life sometimes get tough, ” says Tunya Griffin, co-owner of GirlChat. “Our health may sometimes suffer, work, pressures accelerate, daily stresses build, and family demands become too daunting.”She adds: “We all need a dose of some inspiration.”

Tunya and her two sisters, who she calls “three ordinary women whom have been through many life experiences,” started their business, GirlChat, because they shared the same passion of wanting to help women, particularly young women, through providing that inspiration, along with caring support and the tools they need to be happy and succeed.

Tunya has overcome much adversity in life, including becoming a mother at the age of only 16. With the odds stacked against her, Tunya went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, to successfully raise three children, and to launch Happy and Healthy LifeGiver Inc. with her two sisters in 2009. Her experience as a teen mother inspired her to help other young women by partnering with a teenage advocacy program based in Upstate New York.

Tunya faced yet another serious trial just as she was launching GirlChat, when she discovered the man she had been dating for four years and expecting to marry had a another life. When she discovered he secretly flew to Las Vegas and married another woman he had impregnated and was already living with. Tunya had to find the strength to move forward with her life. And, as a result, she became committed to empowering women to live with a sense of power, passion, and purpose.

GirlChat is the go-to-organization for all women from all walks of life. We provide women resources and a network of support allowing them to be empowered, encouraged, and informed in their personal and professional lives.


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