Shaping Future Leaders
and Improving Women’s Lives
to Help Create a Better World

Leadership development and self-empowerment are much more than current trends—they are paradigm shifts. Savvy individuals, companies and organizations understand that building a better future starts now.

GirlChat endeavors to prepare thoughtful, mature, service-oriented leaders who will positively transform society with global leadership. Through our activity-focused programs, participants learn tangible leadership skills: the ability to think critically, work collaboratively, influence others, manage conflict and communicate effectively.

But we don’t stop there. In this era, negative images of women—fueled by stereotypes and discouraging statistics—are constantly portrayed in the media, shaping mainstream attitudes and actions. The counter this effect, GirlChat arms women with tools to open an empowering dialogue and to take a refreshing look at the 21st Century bonds of sisterhood.

Recognizing their untapped potential, GirlChat is dedicated to supporting, uplifting and encouraging women from all walks of life.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s Proclamation
of May 21st as Girl Chat Day


We guide women to self-transformation by helping them to redefine themselves and focus on emotional wellness, intimacy, spirituality, balance and overall well-being—things that are often overlooked in busy, and frequently complicated, lives.

We are committed to:

  • Redefining and rebuilding sisterhood relationships
  • Advancing educational opportunities for women and girls
  • Assisting with leadership development
  • Organizing advocacy
  • Creating healthy dialogue that will inform, educate and inspire

If you’re seeking to celebrate yourself while reaching for new personal and professional heights, GirlChat is here to help you on your journey.





Tunya Griffin

Tunya Griffin is an empowerment guru, life coach and game-changing mentor to those who are looking to live life on their terms while elevating their influence and income in our fast-paced world.

In 2009, after leaving a fourteen year career with a Fortune 500 company as a regional sales representative while simultaneously working for brands including Moms on a Mission, Vertikal Magazine, and Thrive Media. That same year, Tunya decided to launch her own personal and professional development company, Girlchat, an organization focused on inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting women.

As a keynote speaker, trainer, strategist, and coach, Tunya travels to share her message, “Live Through It,” with the world. This former teenage mom turned Doctoral candidate is speaking from experience, she teaches techniques on how to pursue your passion and make the most out of life, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Today, Tunya holds a Bachelor degree in organizational management from Roberts Wesleyan College, a M.Div. Degree from Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College, and she is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College.

As a celebrity media personality on Reel Talk Blog Radio, Tunya promotes engaging dialogue and debate about politics, entertainment, fashion, women’s issues, and more. Reel Talk segments’ goal is to inform and inspire women about issues that matter to them most. The program also offers insights on motherhood, leadership, the single lifestyle, marriage, love and relationships, academia, and women entrepreneurs. Through Reel Talk, Tunya has created a platform to help women live with power, passion, and purpose in an ever-changing world. Over the years, she has interviewed and worked with many prominent personalities: Angela Simmons, daughter of Russell Simmons, Tanay Jackson, niece of Michael Jackson, James Weston II of Transformers 3, Alimi Ballard, Thesbian, Eddie Goines, Thesbian, Cindy Cohen, winner of She’s Got the Look Season 2, groundbreaking international award-winning documentarian Janks Morton, Claude McNight ( recording artist and member of Take 6), Prophetess Kelly Crews, Prophetess Tera Carissa, Teyana Taylor, and Raqi Thunda, among many others.

She has been featured in People You Need To Know magazine, Black Queens magazine, and on various blogs. Tunya can be heard on the weekly broadcast of The Empowerment Coach on Yes Lord Radio and 977FM radio.

Most recently, Tunya spoke at Rochester Cares’ 2016 King for a Day event honoring the memory of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through selfless community service. She was also the keynote speaker at Roberts Wesleyan College’s “Women of Action,” a special event to celebrate Women’s History Month.

If you would like to hire Tunya as a speaker for your next event, e-mail her at: GriffinTunya@yahoo.com or call (585) 281-2141.


Sonya Griffin

Sonya, who is known for her light-up-the-room smile, is capable of transforming lives with her presence and positive energy. As one of the co-founders of GirlChat, her primary roles are hosting GirlChat Events and oversight of the Business Administration department. She is currently employed with Rochester Regional Health. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in physical therapy, and is the proud mother of two beautiful college-aged children, Christopher Lowe Jr. and Brianna Cromartie.

Antoinette Griffin

Antoinette has an amazing story of self-transformation, which she intimately shares with others to help them overcome life’s challenges and obstacle. As one of the co-founders of GirlChat, Antoinette serves in the capacity as a host of GirlChat events locally, nationally and abroad. After graduating from Canton State College in northern New York, she returned to Rochester to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams of working with the mentally challenged at Mary Cariolla. Antoinette owns The A Team Daycare.

Brittaney Wells

Brittaney has a passion for politics, encouraging others to exercise their voice and increase their understanding of government. She currently serves as an Executive Staff Assistant in the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services at the City of Rochester. She previously worked in Washington, DC, at the  Congressional Office of former Rep. Kathy Hochul, and Obama for America Presidential Campaign. Brittaney earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science at SUNY Brockport.

Terrell Robinson

Terrell serves as GirlChat’s modern manners and business etiquette coach. She is employed with the University of Rochester as Liaison and Administrator to the COO and Executive VP of Strong Memorial Hospital and Office Manager for the Director’s Office. She earned a B.S. in Organizational Management and M.S. in Health Administration from Roberts Wesleyan College, where she currently teaches as an adjunct professor in both programs. Terrell is a wife, mother of four and grandmother of three.

Lakisha Shephard

Lakisha holds the rank of corporal with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office while working part-time as a phlebotomist at the University of Rochester, ministering her colleagues and inmates in the word of God in the process. She and her husband, Pastor Owens Shepard, have eleven children. Lakisha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management, holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and is currently working on a Doctorate in Education.

Kayla Reese

Kayla is a GirlChat Ambassador in Georgia. Born in Pelham, GA, she has a passion for working with women from all walks of life. Currently a nurse at Phenix Medical Ministry, she is also an ordained elder and a soon-to-be author. Kayla is completely dedicated to her family and daughter, Madyson Jackson. Her greatest desire in life is to “Make God happy first!”

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